Wednesday, 10 December 2014

My Reflection about 2014

Today we had to write a reflection of 2014 and this is what I wrote about this year so have a read and enjoy.

In the beginning of the year I thought it was going to be boring. I thought I was in a small class but we have a big block of year six. It is cool because you can switch classes like literacy and maths.

The first thing I was proud of the year is coming back to school to learn and make friends.The other thing I was proud of the year was when I was involved in heaps of sports. The other thing I was proud of this year is getting along with my 4 new teachers which is Mrs Garden, Mr Goodwin, Mrs Jacobson, and Mr Somerville.  The most thing I am proud of this year is becoming a year 6 and aiming for my goal.

The second thing I am proud of this year is participating with the year 5 students in our big class. I am also proud of is getting back with my best friends which is Elizabeth, Rowana, and Jessica. Another thing that I am proud of this year is going back on my netbook.  The next thing that I was proud of is when my rippa rugby team made it to the Auckland  champs and came 3rd.

What I want to work on next year is getting better at sports and learn some new skills. I also want to get better at Reading, Writing, and Maths. I also want to work on my blog and posting more post to make it creative and wonderful.

I want to thank the teachers that taught us new things and especially Mr S because he is the one that made me feel confident in everything. I also want to thank Miss Va’afusuaga for being wonderful to me at sports and everywhere. I had to say that 2014 is the best year in my life but I am going to move on to year 7 next year so thank you everyone.

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