Thursday, 14 November 2013

Athletics 2013

It was Athletics day and the sun was shining bright,but at the end it was raining.This is a   story of me writing about Athletics day.So have a look and please leave me a comment thank you.

On Friday we had Athletics day and I was Buzz of excitement.It was a perfect day for us to do Athletics.We four house colours and their name are Matatua which is green,the second house colour is Te Awara which is Red,the third house colour is Tainui which is Blue, the last house colour is Takitimu which is the best out of all of them and the colour is Yellow .

When the bell went all of the classes had to line up in their group age and wait for Mr Burt to tell them what to do.After Mr Burt did the Prayer the year 5 girls went withs us to our first activity which is Sprints.

Mr Burt told that we are doing 75m first and then 100m,on 75m I came first and then when it the real one I came second to last because I slipped,But on 100m I did not make it.Our next activity was Discus and I went straight to number 3 and stayed there for a long time until Liz made me get out at the last part but anyway I had another turn.Our third activity was Javelin and our teacher was Mr Barks.We had to do 7 activities and that was Sprints,Discus,Javelin,Tiger war, Skipping rope,Shot put and High jump.On High jump we didn't get to High jump because it was raining so Mrs King cancelled it.

But any ways we get to finish High jump on Monday at Lunch time.I had so much fun at Athletics.I can’t wait till next year.                                                                

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