Thursday, 7 December 2017

Romeo and Juliet brief paragraph

In Term 3 in English, our main focus was poems. The poem we read was Romeo and Juliet. Two or three or more students were to stand in the front of the class and read scenes while the rest of the class follows by. I was one of the readers. The words in the books were a bit tongue twisting but we still managed to understand the word meanings. We then had to translate the words and answer questions to show our understanding about each scene. It was a lot of work. Reading, translating the words, and answering the questions. Our class did this through out Term 3 and quarter of term 4. We stopped at Scene 5 Act 3, leaving half of the book. 

Before we started our exams, we had to write about one of the actors profiles. The actor I chose was Benvolio, Romeo's cousin. Below is my description about Benvolio. 

Benvolio is one of the main characters in the story. He is one the Montague’s most close relative, he is Romeo’s cousin. Later on in the story where Tybalt is killed by Romeo, Benvolio had to report to Prince Escalus how Romeo came to kill Juliet’s cousin.

In the beginning of the story, Benvolio was told from Lord and Lady Montague together that they are having trouble handling Romeo’s strange recent behavior. Hearing their explanation about Romeo’s behaviour, Benvolio became to realise that Romeo is hiding some kind of feelings. When he had the chance to be with Romeo alone, he found a way to make Romeo express his feelings that he’s been hiding. Romeo was madly in love with a woman that doesn’t love him back so he’s being wandering sick.

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