Saturday, 3 February 2018

Social Studies 2018 goals

Social Studies Goals
This year in Social studies my main goal of the year is "work beyond requirements". This will mean I will have to listen to the teacher for more information to add into my work. If I finish my task, always go back to my doc or presentation to check for mistakes and fix it before posting onto my worldwide blog. Setting this goal this year will help me work towards bigger goals and accomplish them with my best effort.

  • Pass with a grade at least higher than achieve.
  • Pass with merit or excellence
  • Be proud with my outcome
  • Gain as much information for the task
  • Understand the SOLO grading so I know where I am working towards.
  • Working beyond required grades
  • Being engaged with school learning

Before exams, I need to study notes that will relate to the task we will be tested on.

Go back on my notes and docs to recap about what we will be doing in exams.
Attend study class.
  • Always be on time to class
  • Fully focused on the teacher
  • Be accuracy with my school work.
  • Bring my netbook and make sure it’s charged
  • No distractions from my friends
  • Stay on task even though the teacher is not looking
  • Show RISE values

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