Thursday, 1 March 2018

Why was a treaty needed?

Today in Social Studies we were to create a diagram of Treaty of Waitangi with the question why was a Treaty needed. Using Lucid-chart, I created my diagram. As you can see I have added facts around the big yellow question to why the treaty was needed. On the top left side of the diagram are 3 columns that represent the tribes and their reasons why they wanted the treaty to be signed. In red, was what they had in common, the same things to why they want to sign the treaty. I have also added in 2 photos that I think is best related to the story. 

Let me explain one of the 3 key points to why the treaty was needed to be signed. One of each colour. 
   Protect the Maori from outside nations: One of the reasons why Maori wanted to sign the treaty so that they can have protection. In 1813, chiefs sent a petition to the British government for protection because they were worried about the outside nations with big armies trying to take over their lands and their tribes. 

More access to land, timber, flax fiber, food and water: One of the reasons to why Pakeha wanted to sign the treaty so that they have the rights to have access to the land for new homes to be built, timber to build strong ships and boats, flax fiber to make ropes for boats and ships, and more quantity of food and water. Basically wanting to start a brand new life.

Subdue wars between Pakeha and Maori: Something that both tribes had in mind of signing the treaty was to subdue the wars between their tribes. Wars about settling into someone else's property, having no respect for one another, stealing each others belongings and many other reasons - as well as trading. 

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