Monday, 19 March 2018

2018 Polyfest

This year I joined our schools Samoan Group 2018. It’s actually my second year experiencing Polyfest and a lot of comparison has occurred between my first and second years. But it’s a good thing that joined this year’s group, I met new people, especially people from different cultures. It was one of my highlights to see other students from other cultures trying out the Samoan group. Although it was hard to catch on to the language and the actions, I think they did a good job achieving it. As for myself, I was glad to learn new values of my culture as a Samoan. This years experience went by so fast that I can’t even remember out first practice. But overall I enjoyed this years experience, it was my last time to perform with my older brother who is in his last year and it was good to be in the group together. Also I managed to be more confident on the stage as we were performing unlike my first year, I was very shy and frightened. But my highlight in the Samoan Group is meeting new people and bonding with them. Laughing together and facing challenges together while learning our 20 minute set. I hope that my remaining years at Tamaki College, I will have the opportunity to join the Samoan Group until year 13 and hopefully become one of the leaders in the group. But this years Polyfest, I was happy to hear the results that our schools Tongan Group came 2nd, with the Niuean Group 3rd as well as our Samoan group coming 2nd in two categories. I am happy to part of a successful group.

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