Saturday, 19 November 2016

Touch girls come 3rd in Auckland

Before it was the Auckland Championship for touch, we had a touch eastern zone tournament where schools from east Auckland come together and compete for the 3 titles. Girls grade, Boys grade and mixed grade. In the finals, all our 3 teams in all 3 grades made it in the finals. Where the boys played Kings school, mixed team played Bailey Road school, and us girls played Silvia park for the finals. At the end the boys and mixed team lost where us girls won 3-2. It was the first time in history that a girls touch team from Point England made it to a Auckland Championship tournament. The AAIMS tournament was in 2 weeks so we had time to train and learn fast moves. It was sad for us because on the day that the tournament was on, our coach was going on a trip so we had Tasesa who was the boys coach.

In two weeks time the day we were preparing for finally came. The tournament was held in Papakura at Bruce Pulman Park. It was raining hard and it was also cold for us to play in - but our coach still said it was on. Some of my team mates were frightened but the rest were happy to play in the rain. When we arrived we quickly warmed up and practiced our moves once more. We were in pool B. It was our very first game against North Cross. It was a challenging game, it was nill all after the half time but then in the 2nd half, North Cross cross the try line twice where we didn't at all. At the end we lost but our manager said they always win the competition so we gave them a good run on the field. We had two more games left. Our goal was to win 2 games to go to the semi-finals.

So we played our hardest in the next two games. Our second game was against Waikowhai and we won. Then we play Helensville school and drew 0-0 all. But luckily they drew with Waikowhai who we beat. After lunch our coach announced that we will be playing Henderson School who is coming first in pool A and haven't lost a game. It was a very difficult game. It was half-time and it was 1-0 to Henderson School. The hooter went and the second half started. Henderson got 3 tries with a run away when we had 2 tries behind. Then suddenly Liz got a try set up at Henderson's try line by myself. The hooter went and everyone on the side from our team jumped and shouted with joy because it was 3-3 all and we went to drop offs. There were 5 on, Liz, Rosalina, Lani, Angelica, and myself. 1 minute later it was drop off, I was sent off believing my friends can finish the game.

Pressure were on us when Henderson was at there try line. Then there it was, Lani and Angelica left a gap where a girl from Henderson dived with risky. Henderson tried 5 minutes after the hooter went. My team mates on the field cried because they thought they let our team down by missing a touch. Our coach said heads up because that was the best touch game he's ever seen us play. We congratulated Henderson with their win, while they thanked us for a wonderful game. We were still sad but we weren't out of the game, we had another game for 3rd place. We played Papatoetoe and won 3-0 coming 3rd in Auckland for girls touch.

It was one of the best moments of my life at Point England School. I'd just like to thank Mr Somerville for coaching us in the beginning where we won the eastern zone. Also just like Tasesa and Izac for preparing us till the tournament. Also thank you Miss Va'afusuaga for always being there for us when we needed something and for driving us all the way to Papakura for our tournament. Thank you teachers and parents for encouraging us to try our best no matter what. Last of all thank you girls for being in the team and working together to get as far. If it wasn't for these people we wouldn't have came third in Auckland. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HELPED US!!!

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