Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Olympic Narrative

This is my olympic narrative writing that I have been working hard on this week.
By the help of my teacher and friends I was able to complete this. You can read
it on my presentation above or underneath

It was the summer Olympics at Rio de Janeiro 2016. In the Maracana stadium, the women’s pole vault finals was the most popular.  This was to happen after the men’s 100m finals.
There were 4 top pole vaulters battling. Sam McCarney from New Zealand, Sandy Morrison from America, Alayna Boyd from Australia, and Eterini Stefanie from Greece. There were only 3 spaces available but 1st place was what they were all after!
Sam McCarney and the other 3 talented athletes were battling against each other. Sam McCarney was worried that she wouldn’t get the chance to represent New Zealand on the podium. It was Sam McCarney and Alayna Boyds from Australia battling for the 3rd place jumping 4.80m. First it was Sam Mccarney, “LET’S GO FOR BRONZE” her coach Kris yelled from the sideline. She had butterflies in her stomach.
As she was getting ready for her final attempt, words suddenly started to repeat in her head “I can do this, I can do this”. As the words faded in her head, she ran in full speed with pole in hand. The pole had been stuck in the ground and Sam  had leapt in the and over the horizontal bar. When she had done this without hitting the pole, she straight away put on a relaxed face (while she was in the air). “She did it!!!” the speakers went loud.
After Sam Mccarney had settled down, it was time for Alayna from Australia. When Sam Mccarney saw that Alayna had knocked down the horizontal bar, the 19 year old fell on the ground crying. She then stood up and proudly held her New Zealand flag behind her body ready for the photographers to deliver her photos . After the top 2 finalist had finished it was time for the medal ceremony. On the podium in 3rd place, there stood Sam Mccarney proudly representing her country with a bronze medal. In 2nd place was Sandy Morrison from USA with a silver
medal, and last on the top of the podium was Eterini Stefanie from Greece with a gold medal. Sam Mccarney couldn’t wait to get home and show off her bronze medal that she had won from pole vault.

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