Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Silicon Valley future talk

This morning one of the 2 top students from Tamaki College came to motivate our Yr 7 & 8 students to what they have done. Gabrielle and Saia, were the 2 students from Tamaki College that were selected to go to Silicon Valley(America) with some other students in New Zealand. Before they left New Zealand, they came to talk to us and inspire us that, "if they can do it, then we can do it".  Andrew Patterson was the man that planned the trip and he was also here to support the 2 selected students. When they got back they sounded more interested and  more motivated to what they've been through. The places they visited were, Facebook, Google, Stanford University, Instagram, Yelp, Khan Academy, Xero, Ideo, Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter. Some of the places they named, were the places that I've never heard of such as Xero and Ideo. As they showed the movie, they went to a baseball game and slept at a flash hotel. They even visited the prison of Alcatraz which was the best  secured prison in America surrounded by cold water and violence security's. But in 1962 three prisoners escaped without known. It was cool having 2 students speaking the future into us and telling us that we can do it.

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