Monday, 25 August 2014

Chapter One Blood Sport

Once there was a girl named Victoria Jaden  and her friend named Juliet loved to do sports. Mostly Football,Rugby and Basketball. One day while Victoria and Juliet was in class there was a call out and it said "there is football training for any year 5 & 6 boys and girls at lunch time at the bottom field Thank you"  "Should we go to the trials" said Juliet "Of course" Victoria replied. It was lunch time and on the bottom field there were lots of year 6 & 5 at the bottom field. First they did trials and then a game, at last the coach called a name of kids that made the team, the good news is that Victoria made the team but her friend Juliet didn't.
"sorry you didn't make the team" said Victoria, "it's okay but good luck tomorrow" said Juliet..........

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