Monday, 21 October 2013

We should have School Every day

I think that school should be Monday to Friday because children need more learning from the teachers,because children that are year 5 should be on stage 6 .The more teachers teach kids the more they get xtra better and the more they get paid ,kids need more learn from teachers because when they grow up and go to college they are suppose to know the things that they learnt in intermediate and junior.Children likes playing with there friends at school but they don’t like playing at home because they don’t a big space to play and they don’t have things to play with .Children like to play sports but they don’t have time to play sports with their friends because they have to go home early.

In New Zealand we should go to school to spend time with our teachers and friends.If we have school on Monday to Thursday then we don’t have time to learn at school and won’t able to play with friends,When we have sports we have to practise every day but we don’t have much time to practise because the week is too fast.

I think children and teachers need to be healthy because when they come to school will be smart because they eat healthy food.

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  1. You've raised some really interesting points Taunese. Well done!