Friday, 18 October 2013

Immersion Assembly

On Monday was the beginning of Term for and Pt England School had a special Assembly so have a look at my writing and I hope you enjoy reading my writing and watching the video and please leave me a comment Thank you.
It is the beginning of term 4 and the Point England student are in the hall waiting for the immersion assembly to start.

After Mr Burt did his speech he called out team one,team one just had a video of them wearing fox mask and a little boy chasing them.After team one’s movie it was time for team two,Mrs Glaze,Mrs   and Mrs She was standing in front of the stage wearing different clothes.Mrs Glaze asked the children what she was wearing but she was wearing Christmas clothes.What I did not like is that they did not put cool movies and hip hop dance and cool songs but what I like out of all of them was when Miss Walters and Noah ate lots of pancake.

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