Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

This is my holiday writing that I wrote all by myself. It is about my rugby team, my brother and I going to Eden Park to watch the Auckland vs Canterbury game. I hope you enjoy reading it and  please leave me a comment .
On Saturday my rugby team and my brother and I went to Eden Park to watch the game of Auckland against Canterbury.

When we arrived  at Eden Park we waited outside so that we can get sorted,while I was waiting I was so excited to get in,as we went  in some teenagers were standing outside selling Auckland flags so all of us had 2 each and some had 3.When we sat down my brother gave me a packet of sour lollies and asked me what I want to eat, I answered by saying ,hot chips,L & P and another packet of sour lollies so he went and buyed it.The game started and we were cheering and screaming.When Auckland scored a try we waved our flags and shouted.Auckland won the game and we had to go,the game finished at 9.00 and when we came back at about 9.30.

Man I wish I can go to Eden Park again because it is fun and amazing.My Cricket team is going to Eden Park to play against the other school the other time our cricket team was the champion.

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