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Riverside Camp 2k16

2016 Riverside Camp!
Day 1
Early in the morning we arrived outside of Willow Park, helping each other unpack luggages from the buses and trailers. After unloading the suit cases and replacing them in the dining room, us riverside campers met in the meeting room known as the Rimu room. It was the Riverside camp held at Willow Park also known as Christian camp. It was for years 4 to 8 camp, it was also my first riverside camp. It was the term 3 school holidays. It was for the first whole week. In the Rimu room Mr Burt talked to us about the timetable for the day, he also introduced the leaders that was there to help for the week. Then finally he put us in groups, I was in cabin 8 with Juliana, Paige, Elizabeth, Eden, Amethyst and Teia and our leader Masela. The girls went up the stairs first to settle in their cabins. We were all tired carring our suit cases upstairs. Lucky for me I got to choose the bottom bunk first so I don't have to climb. We all then met in the rimu room after 20 minutes of settlement. Our group was called PTL, which stands for Praise the Lord!

It was our first game held by Miss Hamilton, she was Mr Burt's Daughter. The game was similar to amazing race. The game was useful because we got to explore the places at Willow Park. It took nearly an hour, the winner was Rowana's team, Sorority. We then had biscuits and water for our morning tea before we move on to the gym games. The camp leaders were in charge for the gym games - it was alright. We played a sock game, had a machine toy race, and the game I pretty much enjoyed most was number shifter where a leader calls out a number and we all have to get into group with the number that's been called out. We then finished our day of with some beach activities. That night we had chicken curry and rice. After dinner we played a night game called crunchie hunt, we had to use our torches to find hidden crunchies around the camp in the dark. Then it was time for sleep. To earn $100 that night we had to quickly brush our teeth, do our prayers then go to sleep - it was annoying.

Day 2 
Early in the morning around 7:30 am we had to go to the gym and do our jump jam taught by Shane and Gaberiel, we did this every morning. Tuesday was one of my best days because we played sports such as Tag, touch, volleyball, and t-ball. We didn't get to play touch but I enjoyed playing tag and t-ball because we won, we lost against sorority for volleyball, but it was a close game - *I think. When it was free time, I went to Rowana's cabin and talked about our day with some leaders. Sometimes we would eat lollies, play on the park, and most of all playing volleyball. In the evening we couldn't go to the beach but luckily Shannon and the crew came in and set up the messy games or wet games.

The wet game I enjoyed most was sponge slingshot, 1 team has to wet the sponge then put it in the slingshot, fire it and hopefully the other team doesn't catch it. I was the best for sure in my team. That night we had vegetable in taco(Mexican style), it was delicious. We then played my favourite night game called spotlight. We wore glow bands for the leaders to take when we get spotted by torch. Lucky me, Paulitia gave me 2 bands in-case I get spotted again. At the end I got 1 mark which means I got through all the guards and found the safe place. Before we went to brush our teeth and go to bed, we had supper of coconut biscuits and milo tea.

Day 3
It was Wednesday morning and as always, we had to wake up early for our fitness(jump jam). We then would return to our cabins to dress up for the day, clean our beds, and read some verses from the bible with prayers. We had breakfast options of cornflakes, rice bubbles, oats, porridge, toast, and more. I only had cornflakes because I was full from the biscuits and milo. Haare had some chores for all the groups. We had upstairs girls toilets. Our cabin was already clean but it only needed to be vacumed. I didn't want to clean toilets so I quickly went and got the vacuum and started of. After all the chores were done, we made our way to the chapel where we learn about bible stories. I learnt that Jesus is not only god, he is also human like us. He can fix the inside of us, he also can fix the outside but the inside lives on even though we pass away on earth. Together we sang church songs and all felt the holy spirit.

It was spiting, but we still had the choice of playing on toys. My favourite part was playing tennis, quad bikes, and the trampoline. After 1 hour of toys, the sky was grey and it was raining hard. We couldn't play any sports so we had 1 hour and 30 minutes of free time. In the gym we started of with a big game of volley. Paulitia and I found it boring so we went of and played 2 player volley. It was the funniest game of volley I've ever played because, she made me dive, jump, run, kneel to keep the game going. Then I did it to her but I still got the same game pace position. I think I learnt skills from the 2 player game because I followed how Tia moved and how she was accurate to hit the ball. Tia and I were so tired that we quit and went to have a break. I really enjoyed playing with Tia. For the last time we went to the beach but Rowana and I had to leave early for their trainings. First we went to the Panmure Mcdonalds because we wouldn't make it to dinner. I enjoyed missing out of some activities. When we got back, we were in time for the camp disco.  It was the best disco I've been to because we had Shannon's husband as a real dj. The lights we everywhere mixed with smoke, I felt like we were at a live show. We had dance competitions where Roimata won overall, she was good. After a big day we did the same night rotation of brushing teeth, doing our prayers and off to sleep.

Day 4
Walking out of the chapel toward the rimu room, we had hot dogs for morning tea. Before we had our chapel lesson we did our same usual morning duties. It was a good day where the sun was shining and I was happy because my wet game clothes were wet and was needed to be dry for our evening wet session. That day we had our last session of toys before we moved on to messy games. I spent my time riding the scooter and shooting goals during toys session because I couldn't be bothered travelling around camp for turns. Then finally we had messy games. I saw the big cannon foam machine with white foam all around, I straight away felt keen for messy games. There were 4 games but my highlight overall was sliding through the foam - it felt soft.

There were heaps of time left and it was up to us of what we wanted to do. So I quickly went for a shower and hanged out in Rowana's cabin. We all then went to the park for a swing, and played volley. We then had a last session of concert practise, we were doing the Rickie Baker song and boogie by Michael Jackson. On the spot I just noticed that it was our last whole day at camp, but I didn't worry because I had a fun day. Once our concert practise session was finished we had dinner. After dinner we straight away made our way to the chapel for our night concert. Parents and families were there, I even saw my teacher, Mrs Tele'a and her family. I felt happy. It was time for our dance, Paige was the funniest. She was confident to do dance on her own and act out the Rickie Baker song. The night was over but I really enjoyed watching Sorority's performance because it was all at once and they all bothered to move to the beat. Then it was the last sleep for us, myself and some of my cabin members stayed up and told jokes. I think we went to sleep around....1:30am. BEST NIGHT!

Last day of camp
In the morning we had the same rotation for the week. Except after we did our duties we had to pack out our bags ready for the buses to load in. Once my cabin was clean and empty, I cleaned the leaders rooms because I had nothing to do. Rowana and I both received 25 dollars each because we were helpful. Everything was cleared out and once the buses were loaded we were ready to leave. But before we leave, we had to say a big thank you to the camp owners and the chefs for a great week we had together. When we left I felt sad because I wanted to spend more time having time and having fun with my friends including the leaders.

I think riverside camp was the best camp and holiday I've ever been to and had. I learnt that Jesus is god and human, also is my friend. He was made different from us all. He never failed on his father. I will miss all the fun times I had with my friends and especially with my leaders because I might not see them again. Thank you Mr Burt, Mrs Burt and the staff members for making this awesome camp possible. Also thank you to Paulitia, Athina, Kathleen, Masela, Haare and all leaders for looking out for my friends and I, and also being there for us. We wouldn't have had fun with out you guys. I will remember every moment we had together. Thank you friends for also being there with me. Hope to see you again.

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