Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Goals for TERM 4

Goals for TERM 4
Term 4 2016 is my final term at Point England School before I move on to college. So I would like to make the most of it this term in what I communicate in. I want to begin of my term with setting some goal targets. First of all looking back to term 1-3 I don't think I've done a good job of finishing work. So this term I would try to finish all of my work and try learning and remembering all the things that is been taught because I will face them in college. I will participate in all the sports that is coming up like touch, volleyball, cricket, and more. I will still show what awesome looks like to younger kids. I will show what a good role model does like keeping everyone happy and not letting anyone left out on something that is fun. Also I would like to spend time with my teachers that's been helping me through out the year. Last of all I would like to spend times with my friend before we split up to different colleges like Tamaki College and more. Term 4 will be an awesome term for myself if I do these things. HERE I COME TERM 4!!!

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