Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Term 3 2016 reflection

This  is my reflection for term 3 2016.

Highlights of the term

In term 3, I had heaps of highlights. Some of my highlights was getting to know teachers more and making more friends. Also I was happy to run more games for our school which is part of our house council. I also enjoyed my school learning because I have been improving more than I have in term 1 and 2.

Memories  Events/Trips/Visits

I don’t think we had events or any trips this term but we did have unexpected visits from Hiwi the Kiwi, the new eel book launched at our school, and more that I’m not sure of. But the visit I enjoyed most was the Illuminate from the states. Their costumes glowed in the dark while they did their hip hop performance. I created happy memories and I won’t forget them.

Friends/funny moments

My friends and I created a lot of memories throughout the term such as hanging out and laughing together. I also got along with the year 7’s because we didn't get along in the first 2 terms, but we had a good time together. The thing I enjoyed doing with my friends was playing touch or rugby, looking out for each others backs, helping little kids enjoy their day, and singing songs while I play the guitar.

Sports(Netball and more)

This term was the last season for our netball games. I started playing netball in year 4 but this was the last year I played for Point England before I go of to college. My friends and I have been playing in the same team since year 5 to now and we called our team sorority, sisters. We had some happy moments and sad moments. Our loving coach from 3-4 year past away from cancer. But we had great moments together like winning the B grade twice in a row.  Our tag team won the Tamaki cluster girls tag grade. We also won the mixed netball team and came second in the eastern zone year 8 girls grade. We competed in the Auckland Champs and had fun. I look forward to more games.

Goals for term 4

Next term will be my final term in intermediate and Point England School. My goal is to learn as much as I can so I won’t suffer in college. As always lead others to the right path they
belong. I am going to join all sports and enjoy it like I always do in the past 4 years at Point England School. I will make sure my teachers are happy the way I act and think. I will also make sure I am not late to school in the mornings and still catch up with my school work. Last of all I will spend most of my times with my friends and have heaps of laughs, and  create memories together before we split of to our colleges. Term 4 will be the best final term!

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