Monday, 19 September 2016

4 years of training

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At literacy this morning, we had to choose a picture and write a narrative about it. I chose a Paralympic photo because it was easy to explain. I used TOPS to write my story.
Starting: Nathan William is from Great Britain. He made the men's 200m Paralympic sprint finals, held in the Maracana stadium. This event was happening after the women's Javelin finals where Emily Spares from USA won gold. After the women's javelin throw it was Nathan's chance to win for Great Britain.

 Nathan William had the disability of losing both legs, with the replace of 2 robot legs. In the finals, all other sprinters had 1 robot leg which made Nathan frightened. Nathan had 4 years of training but turned up in the finals not having the confidence to serve his country well.

 But then Nathan thought of the words his mother gave him in times he needed help. " Believe in yourself". So Nathan used these words as his motivation, he was back on track. He wanted to use the 4 years as his confidence on track and disability problems. He also remembered the reasons why he was at the Paralympics .... to represent his one and only country, to make his family proud, and make the 4 years of pain worth it.

 "BANG!!". The gun went and the sprinters were gone like a bolt. "Believe in yourself", the words kept on popping in his head. The 100m mark was past and Nathan William was coming 2nd. Nathan pushed himself to lead the race even though it was painful , but was worth it. The USA sprinter gave up his 1st place to Nathan William and came 2nd. But before the finish line was past, Nathan William lifted his hands with pride because he knew the gold medal was coming his way. The finish line had been past, Nathan William received his gold medal with pride knowing there country and family was proud!

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