Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Touch, Touch, Touch

“YES touch again!” I shouted, it was Wednesday 28th of October, we were getting ready for the Eastern Zone Touch tournament. It was held at Dunkirk reserve where Rugby games are played. When we finished getting ready, I thought that the seniors would take a ride down to Dunkirk, but it turned out that we are the ones that’s looking after our walking group. My friend and I were angry. My friend Kevine was moaning all the way, she  said “ By the time we get there we will lose our energy and won’t be able to play the first game”.

When we got there we warmed up for our first game against Tamaki Primary, I was winger for my team, after 15 minutes of our game the score was 3-0 which means we won, it was a boring game because they were easy and we didn’t try at all. Then we had our break, we finally got to sit down and relax. It was the second game and we played Tamaki Primary again but this time it was the “A” team, they looked good, when the game started we got the first try, but it took us a long time. The hooter went, the final score was 5-2 it was a fun game because they were serious so we went serious as well. We had 3 games after our break against Panmure Bridge, Stone Fields and Glen Taylor and we won all 3 games but Glen Taylor was pretty hard.

It was break time, as we were eating, our coach told us we are in the final playing against Glen Taylor because they won all their games except for 1 game against us . I was one of the starting 7, the hooter went on and we started our game. It was pretty easy because they weren’t fit like we were. The siren went on and the final score was 3-0, I got 2 of the tries  and Asena got 1. We were the champions for the year 8 mixed teams for East Auckland. After our game we were supporting both of our year 6 teams who are playing each other for the finals, they were both champions.

It was time for Prize giving, after our school teams received  our prizes, the other schools were impressed with us because our year 5 team came 1st in their grade, our year 6 “A” team came 1st and our year 6 “B” team came 2nd and our year 8 mixed team came 1st as well.

My highlight of the day was communicating with my teammates and winning the Auckland Eastern Zone Touch tournament 2015. I am looking forward to 2016 Auckland Eastern Zone Touch tournament because I want to win the Touch tournament again and playing other schools around the area.

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