Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Google Expedition

As I walked down to the floor, I was unclear about what we were about to do with the card-boards sitting on the tables. All I know is that we will be looking inside it, I was expecting to see nothing inside. After getting our own google cardboard, Mr Clark was talking about how the Google Cardboard works and what we will be doing.

When Mr Clark told us to put it on, I was so amazed of what I saw, I was in a rainforest and it felt like I was actually there. Right beside me was a big praying mantis, I heard loud voices from my friends that was next to me. Then suddenly I saw blank on my screen, it was paused by Mr Clark, we had to stop and listen to him about information.  

After looking at many places, all I wanted was to be in space, but we had to wait. Finally it was our last visit and we were in space, I saw the earth and it showed the map of Africa, the sun and the moon was there and there were heaps of stars in different colours. It was my favourite part but then we had to go, I wish we could visit some more places but there were other classes waiting for their turns but I had a lot of fun because we learnt a lot of information of where we visited. Someday I would like to use it again for my learning and when I’m bored and explore places I've never seen.

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