Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Term 4 PES Survivor Immersion Assembly

Point England School Immersion Assembly,Term 4 PES Survivor

On Monday 12th of October it was the first day of term 4. The Point England Students was attending the school immersion assembly. The topic for term 4 was PES Survivor, Teachers were dressed up in there topic.

It was boring all we did was just sit there and listen to the song that was playing, my neighbor was trying to talk to me but I ignored him. Then  finally the immersion assembly was about to start. Mr Burt was dressed up in a parrot, he was the Fiapoko parrot who lived in Pt Dingaling.

Mr Burt’s movie was about him bugging the kids when they're trying to have fun. Then the kids rang a special  man that killed the Fiapoko Bird and had roosted chicken. Then it was time for the teachers to explain what their team is learning about.  First it was Team 1 they were learning about Zoo animals and this term they will be going to the zoo. As for team 2 and team 3 they would be learning about dinosaurs. Team 4’s movie was about kids guessing what kind of animals was at the back of them.

Then it was our team, team 5, our teachers had a challenge, their challenge what to finish of the noodles by eating with chopsticks, Miss Clark won the competition because she's an Asian and all Asians eat with chopsticks all the time. Then at last it was Mr Jacobson, he played a movie, the movie was about Adaptation.Finally it was time for us to return to our classes.

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