Wednesday, 21 October 2015

A time when something went missing

When I was a year 6, I received a new netbook, I got it for free. It cost $576, I could have wasted $576 on just one netbook. I was so happy, I couldn't asked for another one, my old netbook was slow and budget, my teacher said I couldn't use it anymore.

A year later I was a year 7, it was Monday morning , I was at school waiting for my class door to open. As I walked slowly to the netbook cupboard I was expecting my netbook to be on charge, I looked in to check if my netbook was on charged, suddenly my netbook was there but charger was missing. I didn't say a word to my teacher because I knew she will go on and on.

2 days later I was in my class waiting for the bell to go for home time. Finally the bell rang, as we were walking outside my teacher said “make sure you have charged your netbooks”, she looked at me and said “ I have been charging your netbook the last 2 days with someone’s charger”, my legs were shaking as if it was about to break. I told her that my charger went missing on Monday morning, then I remembered that some kids in my class takes their netbooks home, and told her about them, so she said she’ll check up with them.
On the next day she completely forgot, on the next day my friend told me she has a spare charger that no one uses. So on the next day she brought the spare charger. I was still looking for my charger but I don’t know where it was.

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