Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Writing Recount

It was christmas day and we were going to Rotorua“Come on kids, get up and pack your stuff, we are going to Rotorua pools, it’s going to take us a long time to get there, Your cousin’s are here as well!!” my mum was shouting in the hallway. “It’s only 6:00 in the morning and we have to get up now” my sister moaned. But I was already finished packing my stuff “my togs, towel,  sunscreen, my own food, and 2 fizzy drinks of my own, now it’s time play outside before we go” I said. 1 hour later, we were still at home trying to put stuff in our car.

Finally, we were on our way, man my mum was right it is a long way to get to rotorua pools. All of my brothers and sisters were asleep but it was only me that wasn’t asleep. As they were sleeping I was going through their bags to see what they packed, in my sister bag was her laptop, “Yes” I whispered “I can play some games now” I said. I was playing minecraft for ages “oh man, the battery is nearly dead, I better put this back before I get Snapped” As I was putting her laptop away I found her phone, “Now I know what to do, Jam some music the whole way” I said to myself.

Finally we got there we first I went straight to the toilets and got changed. After I changed I came running out the toilets and did a big splash in the pool. “ Ah it’s nice and warm” I said. When we finished having a swim, we got changed and ate. As I was eating my  Chocolates and lollies that I packed I heard my sister say to my cousin “come lets listen to some music on my laptop” “Oh-uh” I said my sister opened up the lid and the laptop was dead. “What I was charging it the whole time at home” she screamed. Then she turned on her phone and it was only 1 percent left “what it can’t be”  Then it was time for us to eat, but I was already full.Then it was time for us to go home.

It was the best day of my life, spending time with my family, making my sister have a good christmas day. Next year I think it would be better and know it will be my brothers turn to have an awesome christmas day because I know what they are going to pack. What I liked on that day was that I never got snapped from anyone. What an amazing day.

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