Monday, 8 June 2015

Writing about Zeal Zone

Last week Friday afternoon we were learning about Tinkering Tools and Toys.We were planning to make changes of parts of our school that needed to be improved. First we got into our groups, and after we got into our groups we played charades. When we finished playing we went around our school and took photos of what we wanted to change.

When we got the picture that we needed we came back and worked on a presentation that helped us choose the idea that we wanted to improve. Our 3 final ideas was, putting Maori artworks on the Wharefono wall to decorate the Wharefono, Putting a toilet in the corner of the village so that the kids doesn't have to run around the school. Our 3 idea was to change the barks that on the playgrounds because little kid throw barks at each other and the bark can go into someone's eye.

When we finished we, talked in our group about which one we will do, so we all agreed on putting Maori patterns on the Wharefono walls to decorate it, we chose it because it was easy to do and we didn't need much things to work on it. So when we're in our Zeal Zone groups we are working on making Maori artworks.

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