Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Titanic Explanation

This term we are learning about buoyancy, this includes what happened to the Titanic how it crashed.
So have a read and I hope you enjoy.
“Crash” as the Titanic went through the ice berg. Lots of people froze to death. Titanic came from Southampton to New York which was in America.

Titanic was the largest ship ever built in 1912. She had 2 classes,on top was  the first class which had big spaces and had there own bath in their rooms because they payed a lot of money.At the bottom where it was noisy, they had partys,in there rooms they didn’t have enough rooms because they didn’t pay much money.

People didn’t have good places to live in so they payed the money to get to New York.On the third night, Titanic was still travelling, they came to a very cold place where there were ice.The captain didn’t see a big iceberg. A few minutes later a big sound came from outside,suddenly they saw icebergs fell down on the Titanic boat.water came in the boat and it made the other side even heavier, than it broke and sank.Some people  jumped out and swam to the lifeboats.

If there were lots of lifeboats then there will not be many people froze to death.If the captain listen then they will totally make it to New York.If the the people were fair, then nearly everyone will be alive.

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