Monday, 17 February 2014

The Life cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

We are learning about a life cycle of a Monarch Butterfly. As you can see I have my story about how the Eggs survive.So have a look and I hope you have learnt anything.
A Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly
This is about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly.  The life cycle starts as a tiny egg changes through different stages, turns inside out and becomes a butterfly.

The egg
The life-cycle begins with the female butterfly attaching the egg to a milk weed plant.  The egg is tiny, round and has ribs.  

The Caterpillar
When the egg turns into a Caterpillar it eats lots of leaves on the swan plant.When the Caterpillar think’s  he had enough it Changes to a Chrysalis.Another name for a Caterpillar is a larva

when the butterfly turn into a Chrysalis it turns overwinter.The Caterpillar turns inside out and it hangs on a swan plant and it pushes it’s old skin off.Did you know that another name of a Chrysalis is Pupa.

A  Butterfly is an adult, A Monarch butterfly has orange and black wings. A Female butterfly lays eggs on a Swan plant.The Monarch butterfly can only lay at least 4 or 6.

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