Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Holidays

Hi my name is Taunese and this is my first post in 2014, this post is about what I did in the holidays. So have a read and I hope you enjoy it.

It was Saturday night and we were at the park watching Wreck it Ralph.It was nearly the
whole of Glen Innes came to the park. Before we went to the park we went to the shops to buy chips and drinks to eat at the park.

When we got to the park ,it was already full of families and kids. When the movie started we sat down and ate our chips. We were going to go at our aunt's house but I wanted to stay and watch. It was kind of boring so I went on the tornado with my sisters and played on it. I was so tired of sitting on the ground because I couldn't see  anything at all because my brother was  in the way so I went on top of the slide and watched from there.

The movie was nearly finished and everyone was starting to leave the park. My brother, John was so tired and he wanted to sleep. So my mum said to pack up because we were leaving. We saw my big brothers and his friends walking past. My Mother told them to be careful with the cars. As my dad opened the door I me and my sister raced to the fridge to get a milk shake. Tomorrow was Sunday  and we had to wake up early and go to church, so my mum said to us to go to bed. Soon after I brushed my teeth and went to bed.

My favourite part was when I was sitting on the slide. My best part in the movie was how Wreck it Ralph was chasing the little girl,that was so funny. I wish that some days something like this would happen some days in the park.

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