Friday, 22 March 2013

Camp 2013

Have you been on a school camp before? Well last week on Wednesday was the start of the camp,all the year 5 and the year 6 were in the hall lining up in their groups. Mr Burt was starting the day off with a prayer. It was the Pt England senior camp school. I was in Synergy for camp and my leaders were Asena and Iisa. But it was sad that I didn’t get to go to camp because my my mum and my dad said that I’m not allowed to go.

 After when Mr Burt did a prayer our first activity was kayaking at the Pt England Beach. First we have to sit down on the grass and listen to the instructions.Then my team went to change then they went down where the Kayaking gear is. Then they went of far away for 20 minutes.But I just have watch,instead of watching them I made sand balls and throwing it to the water. Our next activity was blogging,all we have to is to write 3 paragraph or 2 paragraph about what we did in kayaking.Then our last activity was top town on the bottom field with Mr Jacobsen. Me and the other kids that didn’t go to camp have to sit at the side and watch. “Man it was boring watching them” said one of the kid that was with us.

 The next day the sun was coming out and I came to school in my uniform because I didn’t go to camp. On that day our first activity was table tennis,roller blades, and basketball in the hall.I was not allowed to do roller blades because didn’t wear my socks,because I was wearing jandals. But I had fun playing basketball and table tennis.Then after we had our lunch we did baking with Mrs Clarke and all of the boys went to the Omaru creek with Whaea Raewyn. Mrs Clarke had the baking equipment ready for us.We were baking anzac cookies for afternoon tea. When we finished we made paiclet chocolate chips and we ate them.Then when we finished our lunch we played get lost. We had to challenge another group. I had to help Miss Va’afusaga first. I would be so happy if I I’ll go on a another school camp.I am looking forward to next year. I hope I would be a leader next year.

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  1. Even though you weren't allowed to go to camp, I'm glad you came to school and was able to see some of the activities the campers took part in. I hope that next year you will be able to go and that you are a camp leader too. Keep up the wonderful writing.