Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Film Festival @ PES

As we were seated in the hall, we were waiting for the Point England School film festival to begin. This is where everyone could get the chance to see movies that they haven't seen at the Tamaki cluster film festival. The film festival has started. Up first was room 3, this was our classes movie. It was about the messages we always hear elders say at home. Well our movie is about us delivering our love for they have loved us in our lives. As the film festival went by, I pretty much enjoyed all the movies but the movie I mostly enjoyed was the BMG (Big Manaiakalani Giant). The camera shots was professionally done and the animation of the giant looked real. I also like the way the BMG delivered a message to the students saying make use of your digital learning. This film was like a trailer movie. My friends and I thought it was a real good movie to present at events like movies in the park. Anyways I was happy to see movies improve over the years. This year was my last year making film festival movies in Point England School before I move off to college. I was glad to be part of a school that had digital devices to use for there learning.

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