Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Sky City

Last week on Friday Khaia, Mose-my coach, Tony Khaia's-dad and I went to the Sky City grand hotel. We were invited to the Mystics dress presentation. While we were waiting in the hotel entrance, someone from the Mystics management team came and helped us  find our way to the room where the presentation was held. While we were in the elevator going up, the doors opened and 2 tall girls walked in. I didn't recognize them because they were dressed in sports clothes. When I took a close up look, I didn't believe it, it was Maria Tutaia and Holly Fowler. They were so tall that they had bend their heads when they walk through. The Management helper asked where they were going but they said that they came to look for us.
Then we went up 1 level, Khaia and I didn't say a word when the talented players walked in.

 We then walked together in their special team meeting room and we saw Michaela Sokolich Beatson on the couch watching television. It was a small room, Khaia and I sat on the 2 chairs by the couch while Tony and Mose made themselves a cup of water like it was their home. The management helper told us to wait for the players to come in. While we were waiting the players walked in and saw us sitting in the room. Once we all greeted each other the presentation was soon starting. Then the Mystics coach Debbie Fuller once again introduced us and invited us go up and make a speech. It was so awkward that I finished my speech as clear and fast, then I relied on Khaia to finish us off.

Once we were finished the Mystics also invited Mose up to make a speech about him coaching a girls team. Mose made a speech about him taking over our team when our loving coach has past away. Then it was time for Khaia and I to present their dresses to each player. Khaia presented the dresses to, Michaela Sokolich Beatson, Kayla Cullen, Fa'amu Ioane, Nadia Loveday, and Anna Hillson. I presented the dresses to Maria Tutaia, Catherine Tuivaiti, Megan Craig, Serena Guthrie,  and Holly Fowler. For the Mystics gift to us they have all signed a Mystics training shirt and presented it to us. It was time for us to return to Glen Innes but before that we took some photos with the Mystics, Here are some photos.

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