Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Last Wednesday my group, Ruapehu was reading an article called The Parapara detectives. This article was about birds founded caught in the Parapara tree. One day Bo and Rebecca went for a walk at Mary bank Reserve, they saw a bird dead in the parapara tree. Then on the next day they saw 2 other birds caught in the tree but one was alive and the other wasn't. The detectives knew what to do, they took the birds home and called the Vet. My group, Ruapehu had to create a DLO showing what we would do if we found a bird caught in a bird catcher tree. Here is a movie that I created showing what I would do. 
Here are some steps for you to do if you found a bird caught in a tree.
1.Get the bird down carefully
2.Put the bird in a box and cover it with a blanket
3.Then send it to the vet or the SPCA

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