Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Why do we use Knife and Fork to eat with

In Our Litreacy class we had to write about why do have to use a knife and fork to eat with.So here is my explanation that I wrote.I hope you enjoy.
Have you ever used a Fork and Knife to eat with? If you haven’t used Fork and Knife to eat with,then your hands would be so sticky and really dirty.It would be a really bad idea if you went on a computer, because you will spred the germs if you touch thekeybords.

Keeping clear and clean
If you don’t use a fork and Knife then you will spread the germs.If you won’t use a fork or knife to eat with,then you will get germs in your mouth and it will make you sick.

Food pieces
Do you know what bite-size  pieces?They are pieces that are small enough  to fit in your mouth and easy to chew.If you don’t use a knife and fork to cut big-size pieces to little pieces,then you choke or get a sore throat.

Have you ever used your manners before?It is always important to use your manners so that you can get things that you want.

Here is what my Partner and I need to work on and what we have got right.

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