Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Geometry:Glen Innes Map

Directions to the Netball court

1.Start from Pt England then turn north
2.Then you go through the round about then go straight to North.

3.When you get to  G.I there is another round about to go through
4.Then turn west and go under the bridge and go up.
5.When you get up on the round about,turn west to go past Varsity
6.After you have past Varsity go down and on the east you will see the Netball court.

Directions To Tamaki College

1.First you start from Pt England School
2.Then you go (North West) down Pt England Road
3.Keep going then go around the roundabout
4.Go straight down (North West) on Elstree Ave
5.There you are at Tamaki College

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  1. Hi Taunese,
    I'm here again, viewing your blog posts! I replied to your post about the Native Trees. It looks like you are studying Geometry and this map is helping you in your understanding. Is that correct? You are making good use of the directional references and that would help most people. I call myself "directionally challenged". That means if you tell me north, south, east, and west, I might get lost. I find places better when directions include landmarks like roundabouts and bridges! Good work on this blog post!