Wednesday, 7 August 2013

The three bears and Goldilocks

This story is so confusing because The three bears should own the house.But red this story about three bears and Goldilocks.Here is a picture of the house.
This story is about a girl named Goldilocks that owned a house in the middle of the forest but she went somewhere,there were three bears called Pa bear,Ma bear And baa,baa bear,they were going for a walk in the forest,then they saw a big white house in the middle of the forest.Then they went in the house,first baa,baa bear went to a little bowl of porridge, “mmmmm yummy”, said baa,baa bear.Then they went to three chairs.Ma  bear sat on the first chair. “this chair too big” ,she said,Pa bear went to the second chair, “too little” ,said Pa bear,but baa,baa bear was sitting on the couch watching T.V, “that not how the story goes” said Pa bear. “whoosh” the door opened,Goldilocks came in the house, “WHAT IS GOING ON IN HERE” she said.

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