Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Swimming Reflection

P1140488 Swimming Reflection 2013 Have you been swimming before? Well room 13 has been swimming for 2 weeks. Every day we walk past the Omaru Creek to get to the Glen Innes Pools.When we got to the Glen Innes Pools first we have a shower to get the dirt off us. And then we hop in the pool. Our swimming teacher name is Toby. Toby checked if our kicks are good or bad.Then we got a flutter bored and we did Motorbike,Motorbikes means you put your hands on top of the flutter bored and kick . We also did crocodile too ,crocodile means that you put your hand up and squeeze your ears and put your chin on your chest. We did back stroke and streamline in the pools.My favouite part in the pool is that I had a race with the other kids.It was cool swimming. I had fun learning swimming lesson.

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  1. Hi Taunese,

    I really enjoyed reading your recount. Did you know that I never knew the name of the creek next to Glen Innes Pools. Thanks to your story I now do. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time at swimming.