Monday, 31 August 2015

How to Spend, Share and Save

Money, this is a great time to learn how to Spend, Share and Save.  It is good to learn now instead of growing up and asking what to do.
Let’s begin with spending money.  Here are some things children my age could possibly spend money on:Junk Food ,Shoes, Food, Clothes, Toys, Books,Video games, Hair cuts, Jewellery, Movies.
Now we move into what would be worth saving your money for.  Here are some examples of what I think are worthy of saving money for:Big Events, Phones, Shoes, Clothes, Laptop, Car, Sport Equipment, Games, Board Games, Christmas Presents.
Finally we come to explaining why people would share their money.  The first reason… Sharing your money is caring and kind. You can share your money with people that are homeless and  poor. Another reason to share your money may be...
If you share your money with someone you know they can trade you back on the day they get their pay day.  In spending, saving and sharing money it is important to set spending goals to guide yourself.  A goal helps you to Achieve  what you want to do in the future, believing yourself that you can do it, and to work harder making it work.When considering how you will spend, save and share your money it is important to decide what your going to save your money on and when to spend it and also sharing your money with others.
Spending Goals:Something that I would want to spend my money on are clothes, and Shoes. But Something that I am trying to save up for is an Iphone of my own.

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